• One Man Band

    I’ve had a bunch of people hit me recently about restocks. I appreciate the love and I feel your pain - I hate that feeling when I try to cop something (probably sneakers TBH) and my size is gone. In general though, you won’t see restocks from Cogs. That’s mainly because I’m a one man band right now.  The design, pattern drafting, material and trim...
  • The First Summer

    This year has been crazy. A global pandemic shut down damn near the whole planet. Unemployment is at record levels in many places as we brace for second waves of the disease, and the full economic impact of lockdown measures to be revealed. I told my dad I can’t remember ever experiencing anything like this at the start of the lockdown. He said he...
  • After Carter

    I remember back in the late 90s one day I was talking to my homie Jeff about something. He said something that has always stuck with me - he said “Toronto hates itself.” Looking at that today, it sounds like an insane statement. At that time though, it was perfect. It represented what I felt when I was at home or anywhere else. There...
  • Quality

    First off, Merry Christmas to any of you that celebrated. I hope you had nuff sorrel, rum punch and mannish water with your loved ones. I won this camera on an auction site the other day. An old school SLR. To be honest, I didn't know shit about the camera before I stumbled upon it, but the lens on it is fairly rare so...
  • Is This Art?

    We did a photo shoot recently for our Terrace collection. Neither Aris or I are particularly skilled with photography, so we brought in the talented @thecanvas.jpg to tell the story. In the end we were really happy with how the visuals turned out. Our lookbook is live now, feel free to check it out! Anyway, the experience got me thinking about the relationship between...
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