One Man Band

I’ve had a bunch of people hit me recently about restocks. I appreciate the love and I feel your pain - I hate that feeling when I try to cop something (probably sneakers TBH) and my size is gone. In general though, you won’t see restocks from Cogs. That’s mainly because I’m a one man band right now. 

The design, pattern drafting, material and trim sourcing, production, photography, social, website...right now that’s all done by me. When I’m doing production I basically give myself a period of time and then just go at it full throttle. I get tunnel vision so generally that’s all I’ll focus on for a time. It’s definitely rewarding, but it’s time consuming. When I’m done I’m always relieved because I can move on to doing other things. So “restocks” wouldn’t be clicking a button to place an order,  they’d be redoing production, which is sort of like going back in time. 

Beyond that the other problem with restocks is they can be disastrous for brands. The story of a brand dropping a product, selling out quickly, reordering and then sitting with stock for months or a year is not uncommon. If you end up discounting then you could be losing money on a restock. Bigger brands struggle with this stuff, but it can absolutely kill a small brand. I want to grow this thing so I’ve gotta make sound decisions, even if it means disappointing some people.

So I say all that to say, if you see something on the site and like it, cop it! It probably ain’t coming back if you miss it. 


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