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Mickey Rourke shitty fit | Cogs blog

You gave it a shot, Mickey


Let’s be real. We all judge people based on how they’re dressed. At worst, we mock people whose styles we find to be dated, strange, not well thought out, or a million other things. At best, we notice it but try not to let it affect the way we treat or view the person...but in the back of your head, you know you think that person’s style is trash!

The joke is, while we’re all judging each other, a lot of us are also worried about other people judging our fits. Sometimes walking on the street I can literally see the fear in a person’s eye - “does this person think my fit is trash?”

I probably don’t. Unless you’re in one of those super predictable Instagram hypebeast fits, or head to toe in one label (buying all the Gucci is one thing, but wearing it all together? Come on, fam). Other than that I thrive on seeing unique shit, just like any other creative person.

But even if me or someone else doesn’t rate your fit, so the fuck what? Chances are, if you rate it, you probably look good in it. You’ve thought through what you wanted to do, looked at yourself to decide if it was working or not, and made changes to make it work better. So puff your chest out!

At the same time, I definitely have times where I look at something I was wearing previously, or even sometimes while I’m wearing it and think, “nah, this is a shitty fit.” I think that’s a great thing. Necessary, even.

If your fit isn’t shitty, then it’s either great or it’s safe. Safe is ok, but it just means you’re not doing anything new. If it’s a great fit, though, you probably took some chances. Colour, silhouette, fabrication, probably took a chance with something and hit it out of the park. But just like baseball, the difference between swinging and missing or hitting one out is really small, and the ones who are always swinging for the fences tend to strike out a lot.

So the real game changers and bar movers probably have some questionable fits beside some lit ones on their feeds. You gotta have a sense of humour, a lot of humility and a lot of courage to put yourself out there to be a guinea pig for the future aesthetic. Let’s all cut a little more slack to the brave ones fucking up their fits every now and then.


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