What Is This, Even

I gotta say off top that I hate blogging, but my SEO guru told me if I did this shit we could sell more shit (shout out Jermaine!) so here we are. Gotta do what you gotta do, baby.

I think the most logical place to start this thing off at is why. Why are we doing this?

Nowadays there are only two types of people I meet - people who have been to Toronto and love it, and people who want to go there. Everyone knows the city is poppin. In the post VC era, the city has become confident enough to export our culture to the world, mostly through music.

We haven’t had the same impact in fashion, especially streetwear. That shit bothers me, honestly. Toronto has great style. People should be looking to us for inspiration when putting themselves together just like they look to us for music. To do that though I think we need more labels telling the story of the city just like our music artists are right now.

So that’s the goal. To rep home for the mandem and to give a little taste of it to mans from other places that are inspired by our vibe.

How are we gonna do that? Sheeeeeit, well you’re just gonna have to keep an eye on us. Keep checking the site (new product coming soon) and follow us on insta - @cogs_to


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