• Street Fashion and the Footie Fan

      One of Toronto’s subcultures that I enjoy the most is its footie culture. As a huge EPL fan it’s always fun to wake up on a Saturday morning, meet your friends at the pub, and watch your team try to not ruin your day while drinking a few pints. Your club’s fellow supporters become a bit like an extended family, complete with your...
  • Shitty Fits

    Shitty Fits
    You gave it a shot, Mickey   Let’s be real. We all judge people based on how they’re dressed. At worst, we mock people whose styles we find to be dated, strange, not well thought out, or a million other things. At best, we notice it but try not to let it affect the way we treat or view the person...but in the back...
  • Individuality over Hypebeast Tings

    Individuality over Hypebeast Tings
    The internet had democratized fashion, which is fantastic. You can participate almost from anywhere now. The downside though is that discovery is so easy now. You don’t have to go to your local shoe store, clothing store, skate shop or whatever to find out what’s out there. You can wake up, scroll Instagram...
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